The Basics of Poker

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If you are new to poker, you may not know exactly how the game works. For instance, you might not know what a Flush is or what a High card is. But you should at least be aware of the concepts behind these hands. In this article, I’m going to provide you with a brief summary of how these hands are made.

High card

In a poker game, the High Card is a hand that has two cards of equal value. This hand wins the pot when the opponents don’t have any pairs. It is also a great hand to have if you’re bluffing. If you have the High Card and are in a tie, you can bluff your way to a victory. This strategy is not always successful, but it can work in certain situations.

Low card

A low card is a card that is lower than the high card in a hand. This card is also called a break, and it ends a session. There are several different kinds of break cards, and some of them are undesirable. For example, in a low-hand game, a break card could be a pair. However, in a high-hand game, a break card could be a bomb.


In straight poker, the highest card in a straight sequence wins. There are several ways to beat a straight, including making a flush. Typically, the highest straight hand is a Royal Flush, but there are several other poker hands that beat the straight.


A Flush in poker is a winning hand. It consists of five cards of the same rank and suit. The highest ranking flush wins. In case of a tie, the second-highest card, third-highest card, and fourth-highest card are used. In case of a tie, all five cards of the same rank are split. A Flush beats a Straight, Three of a Kind, and Two Pairs.

Straight flush

A straight flush in poker is a run of five cards of the same suit. It is considered a winner if the player has the highest card. A straight flush can also be called a four of a kind. A royal flush, in contrast, is a hand with no high cards, but it is worth more money. The player with the highest card wins the showdown.


In the poker world, the Three-of-a-Kind poker hand is a great hand to have in poker. This hand consists of two cards that match on the board and one pair of cards on the hole card. Also known as a trip, three-of-a-kind poker hands are often the best hands to have on the flop. The first thing to know about this hand is how to play it properly.

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